It is afternoon right now. The sun is in the sky and there is not a cloud in sight. It is 73 degrees and I have been working most of the day. I am not feeling my finest, at the moment.  I had dental work done 2 days ago and was injected with enough novocaine […]

Peanut Butter Spoon

It is evening time where I am at.  My residence.  The place I call home. The sun is setting.  Evening is a beautiful time of day.  The air is cool and the mood is quiet. I can hear the duck pond rippling easy water down below my deck.  There are actual ducks that live there.  […]

Just Roll With It

All I want to do is write.  (Lately). When I finish a piece I feel immense amounts of satisfaction.  I compare that feeling of satisfaction to sealing the envelope and sending out the last payment to a student loan.  (Back in my time, you mailed the payment).  Sealed, stamped and ready to roll. Something is […]

Why Not?

I am rolling with my morning routine out of its original order. I opened my computer, first. I do not usually do this.  (I literally just woke up 20 minutes ago.) I brewed my morning tea, Irish Breakfast. I poured my DIY oat milk into the cup. I stretched in my kitchen while it brewed. […]

Morning Coffee and Limited Time

I will write as long as my coffee cup has coffee in the cup. I should be doing my morning arm exercises.  I YouTube “arm exercises without equipment”.  Then, I proceed to flutter my arms about as they strengthen.  (There is something about cut arm muscles that entices me and I must have them.) I […]