Calm of the Spirit

I feel Calm. I am the warrior that awaits their enemy. Yet, the only enemy has been the fear of my Mind. The fear of future circumstance that has no face. The fear of the ‘what ifs’ and all that is possible. Fear reminds me that I am not living, NOW. For Now, I sit […]

Letter to Self

Dear You, whoever You are.  You are changing at speeds not caught by eye. You are so, so tired. You are tired of fighting life. You are tired of the stress in your soul. You are tired of the fear parked in your mind. You are tired of being the rock. You are tired. You […]

Coated in Dreams

It is morning time right now where I live. Not early morning time (under my terms), but morning time nevertheless.  Okay is is 6:30 a.m. I have Irish Breakfast tea poured warm into my cup and the cup sits dutifully to my left.  My eyes have been opened for about 17 minutes and I can […]